Forming A Business In Florida

Forming A Business In Florida

If you are looking for a group of attorneys that can help you bring your big ideas to life, then you are in the right place. Bennett Law Center helps businesses get their start by working with entrepreneurs to select and create the right legal entity for their businesses. Whether you need legal assistance creating an LLC, partnership, sole proprietorship or corporation, the business attorneys at Bennett Law Center are here to help. Call today to learn more about forming a business in Groveland.

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It just so happens that the business law attorneys of the Bennett Law Center are extremely adept at helping folks from all over Florida form new businesses and protect their personal assets from liability. Meet the team you will be working with!

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Which entity is right for my new business?

The way in which your business is structured will ultimately determine a few important factors that will shape the ways in which it can grow over the years. There are various levels of protection for you as an owner when it comes to personal liability, different considerations for how taxes are to be paid and how day to day decisions will be made, and so forth.

Common types of business entities include: Sole Proprietorship; Partnership; Limited Liability Company; Corporation; and Nonprofit Organization. A forward-looking business attorney can help you discern which one of these is best for achieving your unique goals. The formation of most business entities in Groveland normally requires top-notch legal counsel, and it is especially helpful to have a team like the Bennett Law Center.

We are also experienced immigration attorneys, and work with immigrants and non-citizens to create legal structures for their businesses.

What are the benefits of incorporating?

Unless you have incorporated your business, your personal assets are tied to your business. This means your car, your house, your bank accounts, and even future earnings are all subject to potential liability. If things ever go south with the business, your personal assets would be used to repay some or all of your business-related debts. Your assets would also be at risk if your business was involved in a lawsuit.

There are also tax benefits associated with incorporating your business that should not be overlooked. In addition to helping individuals legally pay taxes on their income, incorporating can actually help individuals save on personal taxes. It is much easier to sell an incorporated business than one that is not.

If you have questions about the benefits of one business entity over another, contact the Groveland business formation attorneys at our office today.

Do I need an attorney to form a Groveland business?

Yes! Forming or buying an existing business in Florida (or anywhere for that matter) can be downright scary. You will want to enlist the help of a team you can trust to ensure you have selected the best entity for your business. To take the first important step toward your future, and forming a business in Groveland, call our office to request a meeting with the Business Law pros at the Bennett Law Center.

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Attorney Bennett really cares and is rooting for you the whole time. She's an awesome attorney! She and her team were able to do things other attorneys said were impossible.
Ericka L. - Former Client
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Attorney Bennett and her entire staff is very compassionate. They stays on top of everything and explains your case. Ramon is super excellent and tried everything to help you.
Terry C. - Former Client
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The Bennett Law is dedicated and passionate, and the attorneys put a lot of effort toward my case. This law firm is legit and they will do what it takes to help anyone achieve their legal status here in the USA.
Jose T. - Former Client
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The attorneys and staff at the Bennett Law Center not only work zealously for their clients, but they truly care for and about them. This firm goes above and beyond in working towards their clients' immigration goals.
George C. - Former Client