Victims of Crime

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The U.S. Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act and the Battered Immigrant Women Protection Act offer provisions for obtaining U visas for people who are the victims of crime or domestic abuse while visiting or living in the U.S. on a temporary visa and who help police or government officials investigate and prosecute the perpetrator.

Qualifying For A U Visa

Qualifying for U nonimmigrant status requires meeting the following qualifications:

  • You must be a victim of a qualifying criminal act in the United States
  • You must have suffered physical injury or mental abuse as a result of the criminal act
  • You have information and are willing to assist the police in the investigation and prosecution of the crime
  • You are admissible to live in the United States under the requirements of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INC)

If you reside in Central Florida and feel you may qualify for U nonimmigrant status, call attorney Bridgette Bennett at Bennett Law Center. Attorney Bennett is a compassionate, knowledgeable immigration lawyer who will listen to your concerns and work aggressively to help you throughout the process.

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