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Undocumented foreign nationals living with a U.S. citizen spouse or relative must typically return to their country of origin while waiting for approval of a visa that will allow them to re-enter the U.S. and live with family.

This separation period can take many months, which can result in severe hardship for everyone involved.

If accelerating the process with a “waiver” is your immigration legal goal in Central Florida, the skilled attorney who can help you is Bridgette Bennett, founder of the Bennett Law Center in Groveland.

Bridgette Bennett’s years of experience as an immigration lawyer and attentive personal service translate to careful guidance through a complex legal process. She knows how to handle family immigration matters such as waivers, visas of all kinds, citizenship issues, adjustments of status, and many more.

Bridgette Bennett Has The Facts You Need About I-601 Immigration Hardship Waivers

Immigration law provides an I-601 waiver option, which will allow you to remain in the U.S. while awaiting approval. Under these relatively new laws, you may only be required to return to your country of origin for as little as two or three weeks while your visa is being processed.

These waivers are not available to everyone, however. The petitioner must be married to a U.S. citizen living in the U.S., in order to qualify. Having a child or parent who is a citizen will not suffice.

If you reside in Lake County, Marion County, Ocala County or elsewhere in Central Florida, and are seeking a I-601 waiver to remain in the U.S. with your spouse while your visa application is processed, contact the Bennett Law Center right away.

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