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Whether you’re selling your entire business, or you’re simply selling assets or part of your ownership stake, we can help you throughout every step of the process, leaving no stone unturned as we seek maximum value for your business.
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If you’re interested in selling your business in Florida, you may not know where to start. The best thing to do is to hire an Orlando business law attorney like Bridgette Bennet to guide you through the process.

Selling a business in Orlando requires you to have skilled representation to safeguard your interests and ensure a smooth transaction. Contact Bennett Law Center now to schedule a consultation and get the expert help you need.

Florida Business Attorneys

Exit Planning For Your Business

Exit planning is the creation of a strategy for a founder, entrepreneur, or business owner to leave a business on their own terms and conditions. This can involve a lot of different things, such as:

  • Finding a buyer for the business
  • Planning for future leadership
  • Maximizing payout and minimizing tax implications

As experienced business attorneys, we can assist C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders in developing comprehensive exit plans that will leave their business in good hands.

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Due Diligence When Selling A Business

“Due diligence” is the process by which a potential buyer conducts a legal, financial, and business investigation of your company. This is typically one of the first steps in the process of selling a business.

Our experienced team of lawyers can work closely with you and with potential buyers to conduct financial and legal due diligence, ensuring that your business transaction is on solid footing from the beginning. 

Negotiating And Closing A Business Sale

Once a buyer has expressed interest in your business and due diligence is done, it’s important to work with an Orlando business law attorney during the process of negotiations and closing.

Whether you’re selling your entire business, or you’re simply selling assets or part of your ownership stake, we can help you throughout every step of the process, leaving no stone unturned as we seek maximum value for your business.

Our attorneys also help with closing, ensuring that your business can be quickly and easily transferred to the new buyer.

The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Orlando Business Law Attorney

There are a few reasons you should hire an experienced Orlando business law attorney when selling your company. 

  • Ensure acceptable contracts & terms – Bridgette and our team will ensure that all contracts and terms signed throughout the transaction are acceptable and as agreed upon.
  • Maximize value – We ensure that you get the most for your business, maximizing its value and your payout as you exit your business and move onto new things.
  • Avoid costly complications and liabilities – Even small oversights in business purchase agreements can lead to costly, time-consuming, and inconvenient complications during the sales process. Thanks to our attention to detail, the team at Bennett Law Center can help you avoid these issues entirely.

Want To Sell Your Orlando Business? Contact Bennett Law Center Today! 

Selling a business in Orlando is simpler with Bennett Law Center. Whether you’re just starting to explore the idea of a business sale or you already have buyers lined up, you need to work with an experienced business attorney in Orlando to ensure a smooth transaction.

So contact us online or call us at 352-604-3056 to get the help you need from Bridgette Bennet and our team.


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The attorneys and staff at the Bennett Law Center not only work zealously for their clients, but they truly care for and about them. This firm goes above and beyond in working towards their clients' immigration goals.

George C. – Former Client

The Bennett Law is dedicated and passionate, and the attorneys put a lot of effort toward my case. This law firm is legit and they will do what it takes to help anyone achieve their legal status here in the USA.

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Attorney Bennett and her entire staff is very compassionate. They stays on top of everything and explains your case. Ramon is super excellent and tried everything to help you.

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Attorney Bennett really cares and is rooting for you the whole time. She's an awesome attorney! She and her team were able to do things other attorneys said were impossible.

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