The DREAM Act has never been enacted as law. However, young immigrants who are enrolled in or graduating high school in the U.S. may now be eligible to apply for temporary relief called “deferred action.”

The benefits of “deferred action” as stated in DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) law could change the lives of a million-plus undocumented young people now living in the U.S. A compassionate family immigration attorney can help students understand and apply for this program. Contact the Bennett Law Center to speak with a Groveland DACA lawyer to learn more.

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What is DACA?

Deferred action, in a homeland security context, means that the federal government has the latitude to forego deportation enforcements against certain people for a specific period of time. For childhood arrivals, DACA calls for a two-year grant of deferred action toward those who are not in lawful immigration status, and who entered the country as minors.

Additionally, DACA does not confer lawful immigration status or provide a path to citizenship. Its beneficiaries qualify for work authorization and lawful employment; the ability to apply for a Social Security number; and, if a particular state’s law permits it, the right to obtain a driver’s license. A trusted attorney could help families in Groveland understand more about DACA and its benefits.

Can DACA be renewed?

DACA and a work authorization can be renewed after a two-year period pending fulfillment of certain criteria. The Department of Homeland Security has the authority to renew or terminate a DACA grant whenever it sees fit.

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During your initial consultation at the Bennett Law Center, a Groveland DACA lawyer can explain the qualification criteria for the deferment program, and how the Dream Act could provide educational benefits for children of foreign-born parents.

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