Every year people come to the United States seeking protection from persecution. If that sounds like you, we want to help. Contact Bennett Law Center today to schedule a consultation.
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Are You Seeking Asylum?

Are you residing in the U.S. and unable or unwilling to return to your home country out of fear of persecution for your race, religion, sexual orientation, political identity or nationality?

If you apply for, and are granted, asylum, you can live and work in the U.S., and be allowed to apply for permanent residency in one year.

At the Bennett Law Center, experienced immigration attorneys are here to help you seek the protection of asylum.

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Seeking asylum can be challenging, scary, and stressful. The immigration attorneys at Bennett Law Center are here to help. We have a team dedicated to help clients just like you achieve safety and legal residency within the U.S. borders. Learn more about our team, values and mission using the button below!

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Do I Need An Attorney To Seek Asylum?

Asylum is available to anyone, regardless of country of origin or immigration status, and even if an immigrant has entered the country illegally. From this point, the asylum legal process can be exceedingly complicated, which is why a skilled immigration lawyer like those at Bennett Law Center can help you — protecting your rights, safeguarding your interests, explaining policies and procedures, and providing a voice for your goals.

What Do I Need To Seek Asylum?

We know about of the uphill battle you will encounter as you seek asylum. For example, we know that the vast majority of asylum applications are declined because of lack of evidence — medical reports, published articles, eyewitness testimony — and inadequate representation. You can get all the facts you need about qualifications for asylum, and learn about available options, during your initial consultation at the Bennett Law Center.

Seek Legal Help When Seeking Asylum

Are you a refugee or asylum seeker fleeing political or religious persecution? Contact the experienced asylum attorneys at Bennett Law Center by calling 352-557-8989 toll free. You can also reach our law office by email and Facebook. Weekend and evening appointments may be available by special arrangement.


Client Testimonials

The attorneys and staff at the Bennett Law Center not only work zealously for their clients, but they truly care for and about them. This firm goes above and beyond in working towards their clients' immigration goals.

George C. – Former Client

The Bennett Law is dedicated and passionate, and the attorneys put a lot of effort toward my case. This law firm is legit and they will do what it takes to help anyone achieve their legal status here in the USA.

Jose T. – Former Client

Attorney Bennett and her entire staff is very compassionate. They stays on top of everything and explains your case. Ramon is super excellent and tried everything to help you.

Terry C. – Former Client

Attorney Bennett really cares and is rooting for you the whole time. She's an awesome attorney! She and her team were able to do things other attorneys said were impossible.

Ericka L. – Former Client

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The Bennett Law Center works hard every day to bridge the immigration gap. Call 800-785-7060 toll free or email our law offices to arrange your initial consultation by using the button below.
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