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The immigration attorneys at Bennett Law Center have helped hundreds of individuals, families and businesses overcome challenging immigration issues to achieve their own "American Dream." These are their stories.
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About Our Wall of Success

Real Stories, real people, real clients. That is what you will see on our "Wall of Success." Immigration issues are often intimidating and may appear impossible to overcome. The people below are living proof that nothing is impossible, and the life that you dream of is within reach.

The challenges that you and your family are facing are likely very difficult and the source of tremendous stress, fear and worry. While we recognize that no two stories are alike, we do hope that these stories offer hope as you look to your future in the United States.

Permanent Resident

Congratulations to our client! Our dear client worked with two other firms prior to coming to Bennett Law Center. We are so happy and proud that after all these years, we were finally able to help her achieve her dream of becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident of the best country in the world!

DACA Client

This is one of our DACA “kids.” He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from University of Central Florida. He was Headquarter Mazda’s Employee of the Year in 2019. He is a homeowner. He is an immigrant. He is such a blessing to his wife, his family and his community. We are so proud to have him not only as our client, but as our friend!

U.S. Citizen

Another US citizen for the BLC! Please join us in celebrating one of our clients who took his Oath of Citizenship. We’re so proud and happy to have been a part of his journey.

U Visa Recipient

One of our U visa recipients picking up her Lawful Permanent Resident card. Please help us congratulate her in being one step closer to realizing the American Dream!

Work Authorization

Another happy client receiving a Work Authorization Card for her and her son!

U.S. Citizen

Celebrating one of our clients who took his Oath to become a U.S. Citizen!

U.S. Citizen

Congratulations to our client who went from being undocumented to being a U.S. citizen in 6 years! Was it easy? No! Was it worth it? Absolutely!

U.S. Citizen

Congratulations to our client on becoming a US citizen. We are so happy to have been able to help on your path to citizenship.

Permanent Resident

Congratulations to our client on obtaining her Lawful Permanent Residence card. We are so grateful you let us help you with your case.

Adjustment of Status

Congratulations to our client! His application for Adjustment of Status was granted by the Immigration Judge! He will now be getting his green card. We are extremely happy to have helped him finally resolve his immigration status

Green Card Approval

We are happy to celebrate our client today! Her green card application was just approved in Orlando.

U.S. Citizen

Congratulations to our client on becoming the latest US citizen. We are so grateful you let us work with you on your naturalization journey and we are overjoyed on the outcome.

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